• Discovery Community Church (map)
  • 1644 South Lindsay Road
  • Gilbert, AZ, 85295
  • United States

A special night of worship followed by a potluck together. Please bring a dish to share.

Join us as we seek God's will above our own, in the church and in our lives.

Prior to that point in the day, we encourage you to participate in fasting.


Prayer moves the hand of God in our lives. Fasting is a spiritual discipline that is encouraged and practiced throughout Scripture. Jesus fasted and told us that certain breakthroughs could only be gained by “prayer and fasting” (Matthew 4:1-2; 17:21) The disciples and apostles fasted (Acts 13:2-3).


A fast is going without something for a spiritual purpose. Usually one fasts from food, but there are several types of fasting that are effective.


Fasting is going without something (usually food) so that you can focus on God and place your natural desires in submission to the Spirit. There are several options for fasting:
•  No food--only water
•  Only fruits and vegetables (known as a Daniel fast)
•  No TV or secular media/music/social media
•  Certain meals (fasting breakfast & lunch; dinner; etc)
We’re asking everyone at Discovery to fast in some way. We realize there may be health restrictions, but fast in some way and spend time in prayer about seeing God’s purpose ADVANCE in our lives and in Discovery.