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Christmas Eve Services

An Interesting Week 
It has been an interesting week. On Monday at my gym I went to a workout class called "Insanity". I got into it. I was doing birpies, pushups, lunges, power squats, etc. A couple hours after the class I was feeling a little pain from the workout. By Tuesday AM, I couldn't walk. My back is telling me "You're not 20 years old anymore" and my brain is saying "It was insanity for you to try that class." I haven't been able to walk properly or sit all week. Total "insanity". 

Speaking of insanity, I have been thinking all week about what Jesus did for you and I. It was crazy love that sent Jesus from heaven to earth with a plan to save you and me. It is crazy love that sent him from the earth to the grave to die for you I. It is absolutely the biggest rescue effort through the ages. Advent season is all about the arrival of a crazy love.

This Sunday we are going to be talking about a heroic Christmas response. We will be partaking in Christmas communion. We will be receiving a very special happy birthday Jesus offering. The proceeds will go to support the mission of Discovery to help people to be fully devoted disciples of Jesus by equipping them to Discover life, relationship, ministry, and leadership.

I will just be honest and tell you that giving at Discovery always seems to decrease around this time of year while expenses increase. This year is no exception. The available funds have dipped pretty low and we are in need of God's people to step forward and give generously in support of Discovery achieving the vision of changed lives. I hope you will take the time to pray and prepare for Happy Birthday Jesus special offering. The Taylor family will be leading the charge in sacrificial giving this Sunday! The best investments are eternal.

I love you and it such a privilege to serve as your pastor! 

Advent Guide - Week 3: JOY

The readings for the third week of Advent are filled with the joy of Jesus’ birth. Light enters the world and goes mostly unnoticed, but those who see the brilliance of the baby Messiah cannot help but worship. What strikes you about these moments of praise? How has God used some seemingly insignificant moments to change everything in your journey? Where do you see God’s light shining this Advent?

SCRIPTURE: Luke 2:1-7, Luke 2:8-20, Matthew 2:1-12, Luke 2:21-35, Matthew 2:13-23, Luke 2:41-52, John 1:1-18

PRAYER: O Holy Trinity, where you are light shines brightly, joy flows freely, and love runs deep into the cracks of broken hearts. Free us from the burden of our worries, the weight of our fears, and oppression of our shame, that we might worship with free and full hearts. Help us sing praise with abandon as children to our Father, for you are worthy of all praise, glory, and honor. Amen


A Message for You
from Pastor Ben...

Pastor Ben

Tis the Season, Tis the Reason

What is Advent?



Happy Birthday Jesus


Happy Birthday Jesus Offering

Help us spread His message together.

In this season of giving, we ask that you pray about presenting a generous gift to Jesus beyond what you might normally give.

You can give during the services this Sunday morning, Dec 20 or give online anytime. 


Christmas Un-decorating Party

The decorations look amazing and the season is flying by. Thank you in advance for your help as we refresh the facility for the new year. Childcare is provided.

Coming? Simply click here

Saturday, Jan 2 from 9:00a-noon at Discovery.


Christmas Un-decorating


Growth Track

Churchwide Growth Track

Whether you're old or new to Discovery, we encourage everyone to join us on Sundays at 12:30p in January as we go through this journey together as a church. A great way to start your year!

- Vision 101 (Jan 10) will give you fresh perspective on the church's purpose and plans.
- Essentials 201 (Jan 17) will provide new insights about what it means to be a follower of Christ.
- Ministry 301 (Jan 24) will help you discover how to use your unique giftedness to impact eternity.
- Dream Team 401 (Jan 31) is the completion celebration and a "team huddle" for everyone who serves at Discovery.

Lunch and childcare is provided.


_ Upcoming Events


12.20 Sunday // morning // Happy Birthday Jesus Offering

12.24 Thursday // 3:30 & 5p // Christmas Eve Services

12.24 Thursday // 4:15p // 
Christmas Cafe In-between Services

01.02 Saturday // 9a - noon // 
Christmas Un-decorating Party

01.03 Sunday // 12:45p // Community Lunch at Barro's Pizza

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